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Miniature Creations in Wood

Welcome to my
Virtual Construction Site


You won’t find this anywhere else. Yes.... 1/32 in. scale wood models and plans of your favorite Kenworth, Caterpillar, Volvo, John Deer, Case, Champion, truck, excavator, logging, tractor, grader or back hoe wood models as a hobby or gift. In a world of miniaturization, this site is dedicated to introducing wood projects that are possible to build anywhere with the minimum of facilities at a scale nowhere seen or offered before. Everything you need to get started.

Yes You can.... 1/32 in. scale wood models.                       Yes You can.... wood models as a hobby or gift.                                  Yes You can.... possible to build anywhere.                                      Yes You can.... with the minimum of facilities and tools.                                     Yes You can.... no time limit.                            Yes You can.... all you need is time and love.                            Yes You can.... try it, amaze yourself and friends.                            Yes You can.... reward yourself and do it.                            Yes You can.... get going now.    get going now.    get going now.                   

Caution 1/32 scale

"Miniature Creations in Wood provides the highest quality full sized woodworking patterns and plans for detailed wooden models and parts. I specialize in building custom made, finely detailed, scale wooden display models and plans of trucks and construction equipment . Each scale model is individually handcrafted, unique, with movable parts and fine details, which distinguish these wooden display models as exquisite display pieces. "

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